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With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we can help with all your personal and corporate needs

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Operating out of Northeast Calgary, we have built a reputation for strong client satisfaction.

Our Core Values


At Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. we maintain consistency in our actions, measures, principles, and expectations. We stand for honesty and truthfulness, which is reflected in the work we do and the advice we give others.


At Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. we give our best effort in each and every task and activity. We strive to ensure that our work is 100% precise, timely, and accurate. We are not satisfied by simply meeting the needs of our clients - we strive for perfection.


We are loyal to our clients, and maintain a personal interest in their success. Whether this means achieving personal goals, or achieving goals of our client's businesses, we are dedicated to the success of our clients, and will give our best effort every time to accomplish this.

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Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. provides services in accounting & bookkeeping, tax preparation, GST/HST returns, payroll, and general management consulting. Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. also provides assistance for new businesses - offering advice and assisting new businesses through the incorporation process. We provide a complete package of services and are a one stop shop for all of your accounting & bookkeeping and taxation related services.


Here's how we can help you


Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. provides computerized bookkeeping services using the latest software packages, including CaseWare, QuickBooks, and Simply Accounting.

We provide you with relevant reports on a timely basis, including the Balance Sheet and the Statement of Earnings, and explain to you the financial position of your business as of the reporting date. Training and on-site services are also available.

Tax Preparation

Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. provides comprehensive tax preparation services and specialize in the preparation of Personal Income Tax Returns covering different sources of income (employment business, capital gains, pensions).

We also prepare Corporate Income Tax Returns including Scientific Research & Experimental Development claims, and assist you in preparing notices of objection and dealing with any CRA audits.

Immigration Consulting

We help with family sponsorship, work permit, visitor visa, and other types of immigration applications. We keep you updated throughout the process and provide a professional level of service and quality.

Business Startups

Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. will advise you about different business structures (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations) and make appropriate recommendations based on your needs. We will assist you in incorporating a new corporation and obtaining a business number.


Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. uses up-to-date payroll formulas to compute the amount of withholdings (employee's portion of CPP, EI, and income taxes) and net pay. We also advise you of the employer's portion of CPP and EI and required remittances.

Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. provides payroll services based on your pay period requirements (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly). We also issue T4 slips at the end of the calendar year.


Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. will help you to maximize your claim for input tax credits based on the type of business, and will prepare and file GST / HST returns on a timely basis

We offer experience in using the Quick Method of accounting and the Simplified Method to claim input tax credits. Euphoria Management Solutions Inc. also specializes in preparing provincial levy returns for hotels.


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